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Can Marketing be a DIY Project?

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

I love watching HGTV shows where interior design, flipping houses and landscaping projects are all made to look super-simple. I think to myself, "I could be an expert at this and I'm ready to do it myself!"

But alas, mid-way into a project I come to the swift realization that I am not equipped for this venture. I have no more to offer this project and I've wasted enough time and money - it's time to bring in an expert.

Marketing looks easy

Business leaders may think marketing looks easy. But just like house flipping and decorating, it is best left to the experts if the goal is to achieve the best response and strong ROI. True marketing should not be left to a novice; marketing for results is not a DIY project.

More than choosing a photo, using a tagline, posting something on social or sending an email, marketing is a connected process; a journey. Just like building a house, a strong marketing presence requires a solid foundation, process and plan. Leaders who don't understand what marketing is all about and don't invest in the proper tools and people, will find their efforts do not meet their expectations in the long run.

The right tools for the job

I was very surprised to recently start seeing marketing programs advertised on mainstream television! Design tool Canva and email platform Constant Contact are working hard to make marketing look very easy. And I love their tools! They are easy to use!

Tools like Canva or Constant Contact, make the "how" of marketing look so simple that anyone could be skilled at good design or blasting emails. But, it's not just design or emails that sell things. These are just a few tools in the marketer's toolbox. They alone are not going to produce strong results.

Some additional tools that will be needed in your marketing toolbox include:

  • Brand guidelines

  • List management processes (know the laws -- CANSPAM)

  • Buyers journey

  • Buyer personas

  • Sales funnel process

  • Website and SEO management

  • Marketing calendar

These are just a few of the tools that a good marketer will have to create results-producing marketing efforts. These tools help create a marketing framework that is repeatable and helps to build brand recognition, credibility and sales over time.

So, if I've convinced you that marketing may not be DIY, reach out! I would love to talk marketing planning and strategy to help you build a strong marketing foundation.

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