Introducing Springbrooke Marketing!

Updated: Apr 1

Hi! My name is Robin Caddell and I am the owner/founder of Springbrooke Marketing. For the past 18 years, I have lived the corporate marketing life - helping a variety of businesses grow from within using strategic marketing for bottom line impact.

But now, I'm so excited to have the opportunity to help even more businesses grow with marketing! I decided to start Springbrooke Marketing to help those marketing teams that need an extra pair of hands, and those business owners that don't know where to begin. I hope along the way to meet a lot of new people and help them achieve their growth goals using marketing.

Why Springbrooke Marketing?

I really debated about whether or not to name this adventure or simply call it "Robin Caddell Consulting". I decided on naming it because that leaves room for growth, and hopefully, adding team members in the future. Self-fulfilling prophecy, I hope!

The name Springbrooke has meaning to me personally.

First, it is the street I live on :) This is where it all began, and no matter where life takes me, that will be a great memory to have.

Second, I love the bright and colorful visuals of spring and of babbling brooks. They are just the perfect, relaxing, refreshing combination - something I hope I can bring to my marketing adventures!

When you think of Springbrooke, I hope you think of calm, renewed focus on your marketing and content objectives.

My marketing philosophy

There are many different approaches to marketing. I have been a part of teams that are highly strategic, made decisions based on analytics and followed strict guidelines for testing, design and process.

I have also been a part of teams just trying to get something out of the door - little strategy, little process, little creativity...just, go.

Where I fall is somewhere in the middle. I think being strategic and having a game plan is important to ensuring a cohesive marketing effort. But...I also understand the need to just get something out the door! Sometimes, when you're just getting started, a quick win is important. But, if you have the staff, the budget and the time - a long-term strategy is a better investment and will help that marketing team move forward confidently and with less stress.

A 2020 study published by Blind, found that marketing and communications professionals have one of the highest levels of burnout at 83.3%. As a marketing professional who has personally gone through burnout, and who knows many other professionals who have had similar experiences, I can say this number seems realistic to me.

One of my goals is to help teams bogged down in the execution of marketing campaigns to take a step back and create a long-term strategy that they can use as a roadmap for success. Doing this reduces stress on marketing professionals and helps younger marketers better understand the connectedness required for effective and results-generating marketing.

My areas of expertise

My marketing experience has been expansive, as my career has spanned a period of time where marketing strategies saw a shift due to digital transformation. Early in my career, I was focused on learning traditional marketing channels (direct mail, print, radio, etc.). Over the past 10 years or so, I have been honing my skills in more digital marketing channels (social, web, email, content, etc.) and technologies.

Continued learning is something I value, and I don't plan to stop learning anytime soon.

I am a certified HubSpot Academy content marketer. This was a certification I recently obtained because of my love of writing. I also recently earned an SEO certification as well! The value content brings to both the end-user and business, in my opinion, cannot be matched. It is proven to build long-term relationships with customers and increase the visibility of the brand through higher rankings on search engines. In a B2C world, content builds loyalty and engagement.

I have worked in the industries of financial services, insurance, asset management, risk & compliance, SaaS products, consulting, associations and non-profits. In these industries, I have had a mixture of B2B and B2C experiences. I have even done some B2B2C work!

Most importantly, for the past 10 years of my career, I have been in a leadership role. I have hired, trained and mentored young marketers. I have enjoyed these experiences immensely, and would love to provide this as a service as well. I know first-hand the value I received by having some very knowledgable marketing leaders around me early in my career. I would be honored to continue to pay that forward in new ways.

And so... cut the ribbon! Springbrooke Marketing is now open for business!

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